Joe's Rants and Raves

  • Apr 02 - 03:02 PM: Closed for Easter Sunday : Joe McBane

    We will be closed this Sunday. While I doubt that many of the staff are church goers they do work very hard and certainly deserve the holiday. I hope everyone else enjoys their day too.


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  • Mar 31 - 11:05 AM: The keg race in review : Joe McBane

    Well it's all over. The bobcat did find a Lovin' home after all, and much good beer was enjoyed. The night itself was probably the craziest event we have ever had at the pub.

    The crowd started to gather early and by 8 you could barely move. It was so busy in fact that when my wife arrived she couldn't even get through the door and had to sneak in by way of the kitchen. Each team was introduced like prize fighters with much cheering from their section of supporters. You could cut the anticipation in the room with a damaged bobcat claw. We then pounded down a glass of beer each and opened the taps. It was a constant flow of beer. Just 6 minutes and 46 seconds later our keg blew, I sounded the air horn and the crowd went wild. Awesome! I can't believe how quickly it went. We probably should have done a half keg in hind sight, but who knew it was going to be so popular. I mean I figured we'd get a crowd but this was just bonkers. Everyone who had bought a ticket but not got a glass then headed straight to the bar to trade it in. We opened the taps and just started putting beer into any glass we could lay our hands on. It took about half an hour to really get on top of the insatiable demand for pints, but ultimately we prevailed.

    So all that remains is to enjoy the rest of the Sly Fox beers while they are around and pay Bob occasional visits at the Lovin' Cup. I wonder what the challenge will be next year in order to keep Bob at a Lovin' home?

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  • Mar 06 - 03:22 PM: There is a raccoon on my couch : Joe McBane

    As most of you have heard by now I bought a taxidermied bobcat for the keg race with Lovin' Cup on the 24th of March. Truth be told I looked at a number of different taxidermy disasters before finally landing the bobcat. One of my favorites was a raccoon. A horrible thing with a menacing look on its face, stick like legs and a weird bouffant hair do. I got out bid on ebay for it. Not a big deal I thought when a few days later I managed to score the bobcat.

    Just to clarify. I lost it, haven't paid for it and was never in contact with the seller to exchange name and shipping info. Today a box from Alabama showed up. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the raccoon in it. It just doesn't make any sense.

    The only clue was a Rochester telephone number under my shipping address. I called it and it went to a Sarah's voicemail. Sarah, who are you and what do you know about this raccoon? I have sent the seller a message. Maybe he can shed some light on this bizarre turn of events.

    I will let you know how this mystery develops. In the meantime a raccoon has taken up residence on my office couch.

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