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  • May 18 - 05:01 PM: World Cup Plans : Joe McBane

    We will be showing the World Cup at the pub. I am thrilled at the prospect. Growing up in England involved many big games down at the local boozer. You really can't beat the atmosphere that you get with a room full of passionate fans. Football (soccer) has the ability to generate excitement like no other sport I have ever experienced. It is a real treat to be able to do this here. The pub really lends itself to an occasion like this. I am bringing in a couple of TVs. The main screen will be a hefty 73 incher. Everything will of course be HD and the game sounds will pipe in through the pub's sound system. It's going to be a hell of a time. I decided if we were going to do it it was going to be done right.

    I will post the full schedule to the event page of our site so you can plan out what games interest you. There are three time slots. We will not be showing any of the 7.30 am games. We will however be showing all of the 9.30 am and 2pm games. There really aren't any games in the early slot that are of great interest anyway. England and the US certainly aren't playing any of those times.

    Morning games will see the Tap and Mallet serving breakfast for the first time. We will be offering a limited yet high quality menu. I am particularly keen to get my chops around the breakfast tacos that we're going to serve up. We will have plenty of coffee and of course great beer.

    Victory Brewing has offered to partner up with us for the duration of the World Cup. We are going to feature 5 Victory drafts through the entire tournament at very reasonable prices.

    The final point I want to make clear is that TV's are only for World Cup games. They will show nothing other than football. After the tournament is done they will disappear.


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  • Apr 30 - 02:59 PM: Mothering Sunday : Joe McBane

    We will be enjoying time with our mums and you should too. The pub will be closed for Mothering Sunday.

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  • Apr 21 - 01:08 PM: Goings On : Joe McBane

    Well the summer season is nearly on us and thank goodness for that. Who doesn't like a chilled pint in the sun? Speaking of drinking outside, be sure to check out our new umbrellas once the sun goes down. Flick the switch on the pole and enjoy the built in solar lights. Pretty awesome I thought. It is good that we have that as our lighting issues outside are still causing us a few headaches. We hope to have them resolved soon.

    The McBane's SlyPA is nearly gone believe it or not and we are already starting to think about the next brew. Our bar manager, Chris Schultheis has come up with an idea for a late summer brew that we're all pretty excited about. A light golden saison delicately spiced with touches of green peppercorn, ginger and lemon zest. We loved working with the Sly Fox guys so much that we are going to go straight back for the next round. They also make their own killer saison which didn't make our decision any more difficult.

    We are still awaiting the arrival of Dave Schlosser's brewery in Canandaigua. I have high hopes for this venture. It would be nice to see a local brewery that has a strong line of beers through out and regularly challenges us with some of their special releases. It would also be great to see a brewery that it is marketing itself as a sharp cool brand. We need to move away from where we were ten years ago. It is far too competitive not to be perceived as cool now. Why can't we have our own Rogue, Stone, Founders equivalent nearby? I can't think of any reason.

    We still have a few tickets left for the Ithaca Beer Social next week. As with their last appearance we have forced them to dig deep into the stash to bring some of the lesser seen beers for us to try.

    There will be a Sierra Nevada beer dinner in July. More details of this will follow.

    The new menu will be launched on May 10th. There will be some exciting new dishes to try as always. I'm sure there will also be a few tough losses. This is kind of tough to take but variety truly is the spice of the pub. I will be keen to hear your comments once we have rolled it out.

    Well that is probably about all that I have got for now. As always, thank you for all of your on going support. It is your support that has/does allow us to build the pub into Rochester's beer lovers paradise that we all love. Cheers.

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