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  • Aug 26 - 03:19 PM: September Goings On : Joe McBane

    I really can't believe that another Summer is already drawing to a close. It has been very good one down here at the pub. We had a wonderful beer dinner with Victory. It seems that the beer dinners are proving a popular event so we will keep hosting them every three months or so. Franziskaner is on the horizon for the next one. I will fill you in with more details on that once I have them.

    This summer was also the first time that TV's have been at the pub. We made the exception for the World Cup. I'm glad we did. The event brought in a lot of new faces and created a buzz about the place for the whole duration of the tournament. We will definitely do it again. We will not be buying the NFL Sunday Ticket though! Sorry Tom.

    The hops on the back deck finally took off this year and are looking rather impressive now. I planted them back in the summer of '07 with the hope of of having a canopy of hops overhead as you walked through the back door. We are not quite there yet but I think it is going to happen. Look for big things next year.

    The final big highlight for me this summer was the release of our latest McBane's from our ever changing house beer project. The McBane's Summer Solstheis is a Saison style beer brewed by Sly Fox. In my opinion it is by far the best beer we have brewed to date. The bar has certainly been raised high. The question is what will we do next? The jury is still out on that one, although there have been murmurings of a porter. Time will tell.

    We have just launched our Beer Social for September. It's been a couple of years since the staff last chose and presented the beers at a Beer Social but September will see a return. There will be seven different beers from seven different breweries presented by seven members of staff. We have a pretty wide range of tastes on staff so look forward to a really varied tasting. As always we will accompany the beers with a sampler plate of finger food. Tickets are priced at $12 and are available for purchase at the bar.

    Labor Day will see the pub closed on both the Sunday and Monday. We are going to be laying a new floor behind the bar. Myself and the staff will be working around the clock to get it done so that we can reopen on Tuesday morning. I'm a bit nervous at the prospect but as always we'll find a way to get it done. Just be nice to us on Tuesday - some of us will be feeling rather delicate.


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  • Aug 14 - 05:26 PM: The keg race in review #2 : Joe McBane

    The keg race is all done now and I am pleased to announce that we have improved our record to 2 and 0.

    Custom Brewcrafters brought along a fantastic Saison. Pierre. The nose certainly suggested some spicing although there was none. Really amazing how the Saison Dupont yeast asserted itself on the beer. It finished at 8% abv and wasn’t filtered.

    Our beer, McBane’s Summer Solstheis is also brewed in the Saison style by Sly Fox brewery. We used lemon zest, ginger and green peppercorn as spices although they are subtle in the final presentation. It is absolutely delish and pairs well with a whole host of different foods. It goes particularly well with seafood and spicy dishes. I really feel that with this beer we have taken the experimental line of McBane’s brews to a new level of excellence.
    Both beers are currently available on draft at the pub. The McBane’s will be around for a little while but is certainly limited so go ahead and tip a few.

    Cheers, Joe.

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  • Aug 06 - 01:44 PM: The New 'Mcbane' Beer Release : Joe McBane

    Hello everyone...This is Chef-Paul. I am reporting on this great event as my fearless leader, Joe Mcbane, is on summer vacation. Thursday, August 12th 2010, will be the release of our new house beer from Sly Fox. It is rightly called 'Mcbanes Summer Soul-Theis.' On Thursday night at 8pm, we will be going up against the new Custom Brewcrafters Saison. We will be pouring $3 - 12oz glasses of each beer, eager to hear what all of our thirsty patrons have to say about each. The Tap & Mallet Ringleader(Joe), will be here, fresh off of his vacation and ready to mingle. I am sure he is ready for a pint after his absence.
    So...come one & come all! I know it will be a great time!

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