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  • Feb 22 - 07:35 PM: What's Wrong with Beer Festivals? : Joe McBane

    If you invited me to your house for a tasting I think it would be fair to assume that you would be giving me something that is new. Why would we bother to taste grilled chicken? Not that there is anything wrong with grilled chicken but what the hell is the point?

    This makes me question the thought behind many of the beer festivals that I go to these days. Why is it that I went to a festival recently that had 50+ beers and there were only three that were new to me? I realize that I do get to try a bunch of different beers in my line of work, but there are many people who wouldn't have been impressed. A lot of us know the flagship beers from a number of different breweries so why offer them up? Is it to drive home the fact that they still have them? I'm not impressed. Why not dig a little deeper into your treasure chest and find something else? You all have those beers in there. The people that know beer will certainly appreciate it, the people that don't will be just as impressed by them and the brewery brand will be that much stronger in everyone's eyes. I'm telling you that this sort of conservative, macro style brand marketing is dumb and has no place in craft beer. It's not what we're about guys.

    As someone who is planning to hold a festival in the summer it is something I have been giving a bit of thought to recently. Another good point is that with New York legislation in the last couple of years, festival organizers have to purchase the beer themselves. Previously it was always donated. This has led to higher costs associated with putting on these events and therefore higher ticket prices to attendees, but it has also put purchasing power in the hands of the organizers. I intend to use that power to my advantage. Why the hell not?

    So there, a little thought outside of the box is all that is required. Hopefully the creative and rewarding festivals are the ones that will flourish and be supported by both the brewers and the beer lovers of the next few years and on.


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  • Dec 06 - 03:30 AM: 12 Beers of Christmas... : Joe McBane

    So we have an event coming up and it prompted me to rewrite the lyrics to the famous song, 12 Days of Christmas. Here are the lyrics and don't forget to look at the event section of this site to get the details.

    On the 12 days of Christmas
    the Beer Gods sent to me!

    A round of beers for you and me,
    Two glorious growlers,
    Three bags of hops,
    Four bloated brewers,
    Five poutines,
    Six swinging mallets,
    Seven gushing beer taps,
    Eight sour lambics,
    Nine drunken drinkers,
    Ten shiny casks,
    Eleven sacks of grain,
    Twelve pink elephants!

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  • Oct 21 - 01:37 PM: We have Grumblers : Joe McBane

    So the 22oz bombers are no more I am afraid to say. While they were cool they unfortunately resulted in large amounts of wasted beer. It was a fast moving beer, small hole situation. We feel strongly about throwing perfectly delicious beer down the drain as I am sure you do.

    Now don't despair...while we are getting rid of the bombers, we will be replacing them with 32oz Grumblers. What is a Grumbler I hear you ask? It is a 2 pint jar for beer to go. A bit bigger than a bomber but only half the size of a growler. We like to keep our to go containers on the smaller side, as with all the beers we have available it can be hard to commit to a half gallon of any one thing.

    For those of you who have bomber that need to be returned don't worry we will take them back and use them as credit towards a new Grumbler.


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