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  • May 04 - 04:49 PM: New Menu : Joe McBane

    The new menu is out. We are done talking about at last and have had to commit to the items you see. It is always a long and difficult process of debate and experimentation but here it is. We are very pleased with it and we hope you are to. Any feed back is always welcomed.

    Bon appetite.

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  • Apr 02 - 06:40 PM: Bobcat Challenge 2.0 in Review : Joe McBane

    As some of you may have noticed, Bob is back at the Tap and Mallet. Truthfully we are kind of glad to have him back. We all have a little affection for him. That said we did everything we could to win the challenge and keep him at Lovin Cup.

    This time around the event was held at Lovin Cup. Despite our best attempts to diffuse the situation there is no getting away from the fact that home field advantage is exactly that. We rented a full size school bus to ferry the enthusiastic Tap and Mallet drinking team down to the Cup. We even kitted them out in T-shirts that said 'Bobcats are for Losers' in effort to drive home the seriousness of their coming task.

    When the school bus arrived it really lifted my spirits I like to think dented the iron clad confidence of the Lovin Cup team. At least they knew they were going to have to work for it. Team Tap and Mallet arrived in the place to cheers and high fives. It was on.

    The event was started by the weighing of the casks. Turns out that theirs was 2 lbs heavier which in drinking terms is about 2 pints, so myself and my trusted assistant Greg had to pound a pint each in front of the crowd. I got it down ok. Now the casks were even, all four of us pourers had to pound down another glass of beer before we could start putting beer in glasses for people. Now I am pretty sure that Greg had no problem with this as he is a true seasoned professional in the art of chugging. Yours truly is somewhat of an amateur light weight. I was feeling a certain amount of pressure as hundreds of people were waiting on me to get going. I got it down and quickly seated myself to start pouring beer. I tried to seem concentrated on the task in hand but in reality I was focussed on not throwing up for a couple of minutes. Imagine if I had? I would have been hearing about it for years to come.

    Once I got over the nausea hump I realized that that we were really doing rather well. The beer seemed to flying out and we hadn't turned the tap off once. How could we possibly be behind I wondered? Then sure enough our beer ran dry...I went to grab the cask and hoist it in the air as a mark of victory only to discover it was still half full. Oh shit! I turned the tap a couple of times but nothing. Beaten by a technical malfunction it appeared. Well there was no way we were going down like that, so we did the only thing we could and pulled the tap right out of the cask. We started pouring beer directly out of the cask. It was flying everywhere but we were back in the game and hadn't been disqualified.

    Lovin Cup must have seen this and figured it was an underhanded strategic move on our part as the beer was certainly flying everywhere. They didn't hestitate to pull their tap either. At this point it was completly wildcard and nothing at all what we had planned but no one was giving up. We were actually trying to get some of the beer into glasses where as the Lovin Cup boys turned their cask upside down and started dumping. If some went into a glass that was a bonus I think! We were all soaking from the waist down while standing in a sea of beer. People were trying to drink beers with whole chunks hops floating in the murkiness. It was hilarious.

    After a short while of this madness the Lovin Cup boys finished their beer and were declared victors. Good for them, they certainly worked hard for it. So there you have it. We get Bob for a year and we will meet again for the rubber match in 12 months time. It was one of the most enjoyable events I have ever been a part of.

    Cheers and sorry to the staff at Lovin Cup who had to clean the sea of beer.

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  • Mar 09 - 03:52 PM: Bobcat Bus - Join Team Tap and Mallet : Joe McBane

    The event at Lovin Cup is planned for March 23rd. You can read more details regarding that in the events section of the site. As some of you may know this is the second installment of the Bobcat Challenge. This time last year we raced two kegs side by side. Each beer was unique and had been brewed for each bar by Sly Fox brewery. We won the race and as a result Lovin Cup has had to display a taxidermied bobcat in their establishment since then. This time around each bar has a different and unique beer that will be poured and the beer will be poured from traditional casks. The event will also be held at Lovin Cup this time around.

    It is important to us here at the pub that we do everything we can to keep the nasty bobcat at Lovin Cup for at least one more year. We need your help to do this.

    We have chartered a large bus to pick up the Tap and Mallet drinking team at the pub and take us down to Lovin Cup. The bus will leave at 7.15 sharp and shall be returning to the Tap and Mallet at 9.15. If you would like to be involved sign is at the Tap and Mallet bar. You will get a seat on the bus and also a T-shirt that has been printed especially for the event. The cost is just $8.

    Please sign up and support us in our endeavor to keep the bobcat at a Lovin home. Remember - Bobcat's are for Losers!

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