Joe's Rants and Raves

  • Apr 19 - 08:14 PM: Drink Beer and be Merry : Joe McBane

    For many years I have always sought out the most renowned beer bars when ever I have traveled. They usually have a couple of things in common. 1. An incredibly good selection of beers and usually pretty good food. 2. An elitist approach to selling good beer.

    While I do enjoy good beer more than most, I like a relaxed place to to drink it. It is not a fun experience if the people around you are trying to duel each other with their stats and facts. Even more off putting is for somebody who enjoys a light lager for example to be looked down on.

    When I opened the Tap and Mallet I wanted a bar that would appeal to the serious beer drinker and frankly anyone else that enjoyed a cold wet one. My staff are trained on this philosophy so that no one feels unwelcome. I always offer a wide selection of styles that I think will appeal to any taste that might come through the door. How do people expect to continue to grow craft beer if it is presented as an exclusive club. I speak from experience when I say that your average light beer drinker is often open minded and pleasantly surprised about some of the beers we have - if they are presented in a non intimidating way. No one needs to be frowned at for their recreational choices.

    Having said this, my aforementioned point about gently opening the minds of some drinkers for the good of craft beer is really not my main motivation for presenting beers the way I do. The bottom line that is far more important to me is being able to sit down with any of my friends and have a pint - whatever that may be. Amen to that!

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