Joe's Rants and Raves

  • Jul 30 - 05:28 PM: Hog Heaven @ the Tap and Mallet : Joe McBane

    We are awaiting arrival of a pig roasting box. Keep your eye on this space for updates on our forth coming feast..........

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  • Jul 22 - 05:47 PM: Mc Bane's Bitter Cask Series : Joe McBane

    Keep your eyes out for the up coming series of McBane's cask beers. They have all been dry hopped differently. We kick things off in about a week with the first one being Kent Goldings. That will be followed by Amarillo and Centennial. It should be interesting to see just know much of a difference there is between them.

    Keep your eye on the site for when they are on as they have just flown out in the past.

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  • Jul 08 - 04:29 PM: Faces of the Past : Joe McBane

    We have finally taken down the Crime Faces series of pictures. Of all the things that I have put up on walls of pubs over the years nothing ever drew as large a reaction as 'the faces'. Good, bad and in between. They got them all. I saw that as a very successful show. As with anything that goes on the wall I hope that people notice it. They don't have to love it, just have a reaction. Thank you Paul Dodd for sharing your work. The faces can still viewed on the art section of the site.

    Our black and white photography series have also come down. Thank you Victoria.

    We are now lucky to have a couple of new artists in Chris Cameron and Bradley Butler. Both artists have very different styles and moods that show through in their works yet share a common love for vibrant colors. Just what we need during the warmer months.

    We are very proud to be able to display all the pieces so take the time to come down and check them out.

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