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  • Dec 16 - 05:33 PM: Tap Gear Here : Joe McBane

    It finally arrived. The Tap and Mallet wear is in house. Caps and long sleeve T's to get things kicked off. Of course they come in a few tasteful colors and the usual assortment of sizes.

    If I wasn't having technical difficulties I would post a picture or two to the site but I am afraid that is not meant to be. You are just going to have to come and check them out in person.

    I have been wearing one of each all afternoon (strictly quality control testing protocol down here at the pub) and am pleased to report no major design flaws.

    The prices are $15 for a cap and $18 for a long sleeve T.

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  • Dec 03 - 01:08 PM: Tasting #1 - Butternuts Hop Lick : Joe McBane

    I have never been a big writer when it comes to beer reviews. I am going to give it try though. When I read professional reviews, to often they tend to skirt any real criticism. I will attempt to be a little more objective.

    My first review is on Butternuts Hop Lick. I ordered a keg of it last week not knowing what the hell it was. It showed up on the sell sheet with no info and I decided to roll the dice on it as other Butternuts beers are generally pretty good. Lets see what I got...

    The keg ring tells me to expect an ESB. ESB standing for extra special bitter. There is no indication of ABV but it probably will dial in at about 5-6%.
    Hazy, brownish orange. A tad light in color for the style I would say. Head sits up to attention fairly well.
    Aroma of over ripe, slightly spoiled orange (not as unpleasant as it sounds) jumps from the glass.
    A bitter bite right from the off. The hops really are the main player here. Why so much I ask? Shouldn't an ESB have a smoothing malt sweetness? I enjoy a lot of bitter beers but there is something different about this one. The over ripe, slightly spoiled orange aroma comes through in the flavor but I think there is something else. A spice I don't care for prehaps.
    Final thoughts on this one would be that while it isn't to bad it some how misses the mark in its drinkability. There is something in the taste that isn't calling me back for more. I can't quite put my finger on it, but then again I am not sure that I really need to. My taste buds did the talking.

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  • Nov 29 - 08:09 PM: : Joe McBane

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