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  • Dec 03 - 06:46 PM: The Full Spectrum : Joe McBane

    There have certainly been some peaks and troughs to the last week. A number of weeks ago I went down to NYC for a beer bar owner meet up. It was a pleasure to meet a lot of like minded people and share stories, experiences and approaches to what we do. One of the highlights was a tasting evening with 12% Imports. A man by the name of Brian Ewing spent all of his spare time and money traveling parts of Europe discovering little known gems of the brewing industry. At some point he must have decided that he was going to make a business out of his treasures. His beers are superb. It is important to appreciate just how good they really are. At times it is easy to get caught up in the rarity of beers and lose sight of their actual quality. No worries about that here. So with all that said I was incredibly excited to place my first order for a mixed pallet of his kegs. They will be here mid December and I will be cracking into them straight away. My Beer Social on New Years Eve will exclusively feature beers from that pallet delivery.

    Well that was the highlight...the low point came with a blocked urinal. We pride ourselves at the pub on a can do approach to tricky situations. There are probably a few problems where we should just call in help but we usually never do until we have lost all hope of solving it ourselves. The urinal was one of those times where we should have just made the call. I'm sure that there are a bunch of jobs that get done around a pub that most people would never consider. For sure I was never alerted to true horror of a blocked urinal at bar owner camp. All that said the water now flows through like the stuff of dreams. No calls were made.

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  • Oct 20 - 10:05 PM: Rochester Real Beer Expo 2012 : Joe McBane

    The date has been set June 16th 2012. It will just as fantastic as before if not slightly better. We listened and there will be many many more bathrooms. The beer will be epic. Never expect any less than amazing!

    Tickets are not on sale but expect a bit of noise before we do that. We sold out last year so I will make sure to give some warning before they go live.

    Cheers. Rochester Real Beer.

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  • Oct 02 - 12:08 AM: Why we have no TV's : Joe McBane

    It occurs on an almost daily basis that someone asks me why we don't have any TV's or tells me that we should show football or some other sport that they enjoy watching. I, like most other people have a TV at home that I watch probably more than I should. I enjoy it. It zones me out and sometimes I really do just want to zone out. Here is the problem though...who wants to spend their social time with a bunch of zombies? We are fairly social creatures at heart and when we venture out of our caves in a quest for interaction we shouldn't be bothered by CNN with subtitles jogging by or some meaningless sporting encounter. Let the beer be your social lubricant and go forth.

    Now I would like to point out that there are exceptions to this rule. When the TV is a social magnet then it earns its place. For this reason we will have the TV back up for international soccer time. Go ENGLAND!

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