• Sep 21 - 05:00 PM - Oct 06 - 09:00 PM: Oktoberfest

    Our annual Oktoberfest is almost upon us again. We will run a menu of German dishes throughout the two weeks along with a wonderful selection of our favorite Fest beers. Here is the menu followed by the list of beers that will be rotated on through the two weeks:


    Zucchini Bisque with Croutons and Vegan Sour Cream

    Swann Market liverwurst with pickled red onion, horseradish mustard, & crusty rye bread.

    Pretzels (Veg)
    Two large pretzels with honey mustard & warm beer cheese dip.


    Pork Schnitzel
    Crispy breaded pork cutlet served with spaetzle, braised red cabbage, gravy, and herbs.

    Sausage Plate
    Swann Market bratwurst, smoked bratwurst, sauerkraut, German potato salad, & mustard.

    Tender braised beef stuffed with bacon, onion, dill pickle, and mustard. Served over spaetzle with red wine jus.


    Apple Struedel
    Local apples, golden raisins, and walnuts inside flaky pastry. Served with whipped cream.

    Paulaner Fest
    Von Trapp Fest
    Hofbrau Fest
    Sierra Nevada Fest
    Benediktiner Fest
    Traunstein Fest
    Wurzburger Fest
    Andechs Spec Hell

  • Sep 28 - 02:00 PM - Sep 28 - 03:30 PM: Stein Hoisting

    As the name of the event suggests let's see who can hoist their stein for the longest time. There will be mens and womens competitions with great prizes for the winners and runners up. The event is being presented by Andechs, Traunstein and Benediktiner. So look forward to loads of tasty beer to pair with your sore arms.

  • Oct 02 - 05:00 PM - Oct 02 - 10:00 PM: Magic Rock Tap Takeover

    Our good mate and Magic Rock brewer from the UK, Stuart Ross will be bringing in some fine libations for us all to enjoy. All the beers will be first time trys in Rochester.

    More details to follow as we get them.