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  • Dec 15 - 02:39 PM: Knit Caps : Joe McBane

    Knit caps are in house and on sale. We have black and burgundy. Both are priced at $16. I have been testing mine for a few weeks now and can tell you that not only do they look good - they actually work. Something about quick wicking??

    We only bought 50 so they should go pretty quick.

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  • Nov 19 - 04:51 PM: New Beer Styles : Joe McBane

    It seems like brewers are constantly pushing the envelope with new beers. Brooklyn has come up with some corkers of late. Brooklyn Schneider Hopfen Weisse and the Manhattan Project really stand out. The Hopfen beer was incredible in that they were able to get a German brewer who are normally considered a fairly conservative bunch to open up to new ideas. The result was extraordinary. A marriage of American hopping with German wheat beer tradition. The Manhattan Project sounded crazy on paper. Pulling all the ingredients of a Manhattan cocktail into a beer and make it taste delicious. It turned out great.

    Here at the Tap and Mallet we like to bring you as many boundary pushing beers as possible. I take this opportunity to present my suggestions for future brews. Most are tongue in cheek!

    Thanks Giving Ale
    Autumnal brown ale infused with cranberry, clove and celery.

    Bacon Beer
    Sweet smokey Scotch ale with bacon. Maybe a crispy bacon rasher as garnish. Kind of like Blue Moon with orange - but different.

    Cheese and Onion Weisse
    Always like this combo with potato chips. Could it work with a wheat ale base? Hmmn

    Garlic Sour Ale
    It tastes great with food. Beer? Anyone tried this yet?

    Privet Hedge Pale
    Instead of hops use pickings from a neighborhood privet hedge as the bittering agent (I assume they are bitter). Any pale ale will work here. It's all about the hedge.

    Well if anyone has any further suggestions I would love to hear them. I would also be happy to let any brewers use my ideas just let me try them please. I cannot guarantee their worth in any way though.

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  • Nov 18 - 04:59 PM: Brew Dogging : Joe McBane

    I am excited because I am about to connect 3 kegs of Brewdog beer. For those of you that don't know, Brewdog is the thing of the moment in the craft brewing business. A small outfit from Scotland that has been making quite the name for themselves. They have quickly become known for brewing bold no nonsense beers. They are also happy to give the establishment the middle finger at every opportunity it seems. One of their beers is an 18% abv imperial stout. That was hailed as irresponsible in Britain's binge drinking society. I can't imagine many drunken Brits shelling out the cash for one of these when you can get 12 Stella for about 5 pounds. Any how in response they brewed a 1.5% abv beer called Nanny State. Hilarious.

    We have their Punk IPA, Dogma (they were forced to changed the name from Speedball)and Basha. Basha is a Black IPA that they brewed in collaboration with Stone Brewery in San Diego. This is the one I have tried. Not tremendously hoppy but what a fantastic beer none the less.

    As soon as I post this I am going to go tap them and sample. In that order.

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